Collaborative Divorce

Westchester Collaborative Law Attorney

Collaborative Law is a matrimonial dispute resolution process in which both parties and counsel commit themselves to resolving their differences fairly and equitably without court involvement.  There is no court or threat of court, instead, the collaborative lawyers’ total focus is to help the parties reach a divorce settlement.

In Collaborative Law, the negotiations are done almost entirely in four-way meetings attended by both clients and their attorneys. This mode of communication maximizes creativity, transparency, and accountability. Collaborative law frequently involves the use of experts such as counselors, psychologists, and financial experts.

At our boutique matrimonial and family law firm, Gravett Law Firm, P.C., we provide our clients with the option of a Collaborative Divorce, which is a welcome alternative to the hostilities, polarization, and costs associated with a litigated divorce.

Contact our lawyers to determine if collaborative law can help your family to work constructively through a divorce or separation.

Experienced, Quality Collaborative Law Divorce

Collaborative law is designed to minimize conflict and stress and to reduce divorce costs.  It eliminates the risks of litigation, and the divorcing couple remains in control of the outcome instead of putting their fate in the hands of a judge or a court.

Our collaborative attorney’s role is to contain conflict, not inflame it.  Collaborative discussions are conducted in a calm, civil atmosphere that encourages rational behavior and reasonable solutions.  It is a cost-efficient and respectful way of reaching agreements that work for both parties and their families.

Matters that can typically be resolved through collaborative law include:

Divorce without Remorse

Collaborative Law encourages a team approach and a spirit of cooperation that can set the stage for amicable attitudes and civility in the future, for the sake of your children.

The process protects children by helping divorcing couples to settle custody differences without subjecting the children to emotionally damaging court-ordered forensic evaluations.  Collaborative Law is designed to create a positive context for settlement by using cooperative strategies rather than adversarial techniques and litigation.

If you think that you and your spouse are good candidates for collaborative law, contact our firm’s collaborative attorney at our offices in Mount Kisco or White Plains to schedule an initial consultation. We serve the collaborative law needs of matrimonial and family law clients in Westchester and Putnam Counties.