What Clients Say

Personal reference details available upon request.
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“The entire divorce process was foreign to me. Also, due to the time intensive nature of my job, my schedule did not allow for either weekday planning and drafting sessions, or lengthy discourse. Margaretha was able to cogently synthesize the process into action steps and to bear the brunt of negotiations with an unreasonable attorney on the other side – all while keeping me well informed of the progress.

I expected an arduous, drawn-out settlement process. Through Margaretha’s efforts, it proved to be entirely painless.

Margaretha’s knowledge and experience base is extensive, and they complement her negotiating skills, which was invaluable in structuring a fair settlement.

I have significant experience working with corporate finance attorneys in New York City. Margaretha’s professionalism, intensity, and responsiveness are on par with the best New York City attorneys.”

Investment banker
Bedford, N.Y.

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“Margaretha helped me resolve an extremely difficult divorce case.  Her advice saved me a lot of time and money because she steered me away from simply looking for retaliation.  She is fair and honest, and always looking for the best solution in any given situation.

In addition to always being punctual and highly professional, Margaretha is a sincere and caring person.  She guided me through the very complicated steps of my divorce with the support of a devoted friend who was always available when I needed her.

I liked Margaretha’s personal involvement and understanding of my special circumstances.  I very highly recommend Margaretha to anyone going through a divorce.”

Research associate
Tarrytown, N.Y.

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“There is hope for people looking for an honest divorce attorney who is not just interested in prolonging the agony and running up the bills.  Margaretha is smart, friendly and down to earth, I immediately liked her.  She had seen it all, but appeared not to lose her compassion for her clients.

I only wish I met Margaretha earlier, her advice was always practical, yet sympathetic.  She didn’t run up the bills, but she fought hard for me.  She is realistic, however, and will give it to you straight when you need it.

The main benefit I received in working with Margaretha was trust.  I trusted that she was giving me her honest, best advice.  I would be delighted to recommend Margaretha to my best friend — and did.”

Millwood, N.Y.

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“Divorce is a nerve-wracking and generally nasty experience. For first-timers, the fear of an unfamiliar process over which you have little control is overwhelming. What I needed was guidance, kindness, and direction. I received all three from Margaretha.

Unless she was in court, Margaretha always took my calls. She gave me as much time as I needed while being mindful of not running up unnecessary billable time.

The aspect of Margaretha’s guidance that proved most useful was her candor and reality-based point of view. She did not sugarcoat her opinion of what the outcome was likely to be. She urged me to accept the path of reason in order to move the process forward. I do not for a single day regret the path I chose with Margaretha.

Margaretha also proved to be a tough negotiator with opposing counsel. She zealously represented my interests without resorting to dirty tricks.

I recommend Margaretha without reservation. She has earned my highest respect.”

Direct marketing executive
Armonk, N.Y.

[/su_note][su_note note_color=”#f1f1ee”] “I liked Margaretha immediately upon meeting her.  Her presence was one of sincerity and friendliness.  She makes you feel comfortable, which in turn gives one the time and encouragement to tell her your needs and desires.

Margaretha prepared a pre-nuptial agreement for me, and she made sure that all my bases were covered.  If you don’t think of something that should be taken care of, Margaretha is quick to bring it to your attention and help you get it done.

Margaretha is a highly intelligent, well-rounded attorney who makes you feel that she is on your side and will take care of all your needs, not because it is her job, but because she cares about you.  She is different from any other attorney that I have worked with in that she made me feel that she was truly interested in me as a person.

The main benefit I received from working with Margaretha is peace of mind.  I would highly recommend her to my friends.”

White Plains, N.Y.

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“Margaretha is the best.  She helped me get a quick divorce settlement.  She is professional, knowledgeable, and had a clear understanding of my situation.

Margaretha took the time to understand my priorities, and provided me with the advice and service to help me achieve what I was looking for in my divorce settlement.  I have never worked with another attorney and now that I know Margaretha, I want to keep her as my attorney forever!”

Administrative Assistant
Mohegan Lake, N.Y.

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“When choosing an attorney for life altering events, you need an individual who is firmly grounded in both the law and how to best apply the law to your specific needs.  I felt that Margaretha was unequivocal in her knowledge and approach to addressing my issues and concerns.

I interviewed three other attorneys prior to choosing Margaretha.  I ultimately chose her because it was clear that Margaretha is highly intelligent, very well spoken, and have the ability to clarify complex situations.

The unknown is very disconcerting and leads to doubt and fear.  Margaretha outlined each step of my process and gave me a timeline which was very helpful.  I had no surprises along the entire process.

My choice in Margaretha provided me with the certainty that I would not be caught off-guard – that’s pricless.  I have already recommended Margaretha to my friends and colleagues a number of times.”

Director, Financial Technology
White Plains, N.Y.

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“Margaretha is very knowledgeable, personable and thoughtful.  I felt like I had a real ally.

She was successful in dealing with my husband who was very difficult and temperamental.  Margaretha is meticulous, she always stayed on task, and brought a professional poise to the dealings which helped push things forward.

Margaretha was not only good at identifying and solving thorny issues, she was also a pleasure to work with.”

Larchmont, N.Y.

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“I highly recommend Margaretha to anyone going through a divorce.  I was impressed with her precise and direct answers, her very timely responses, and her excellent risk assessment.

Margaretha always outlined and explained all of my options.  She provides excellent added value to her clients, and did a great job for me.”

Business Executive
Lausanne, Switzerland

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“Margaretha has my total vote of confidence.  I appreciated the fact that she always returned my calls right away and that she was always honest with me.

Margaretha has a great knowledge of her subject areas, really understood my priorities, and was very empathetic.  I felt so comfortable with her. She was pleasant and friendly and gave me great advice.  Not only did I get what I wanted, but more!!!

I highly recommend Margaretha.”

Millwood, N.Y.

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“Margaretha was knowledgeable, patient, and very understanding of an extremely difficult situation. She was always fully prepared, and was both professional and supportive at the same time.

Margaretha is reliable, trustworthy, and competent. In short, she is an accomplished matrimonial lawyer.”

Retired school teacher
Nyack, N.Y.

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“Margaretha possesses a unique quality of relating to her clients with compassion, both as a professional and as a person.

Her determination to see her clients happy is her strong suit. Her professional skills as a lawyer and negotiator are commendable.

Margaretha was a pleasure to work with. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case.”

New Castle, N.Y.

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“Margaretha is a prompt, efficient and effective lawyer.  The main benefit I received from working with her was the positive results she obtained for me.

Margaretha is so different from other attorneys I have worked with in the past.  She does not overcharge for her services, and she is quick to respond.  I very highly recommend Margaretha, she is very professional.”

Millwood, N.Y.


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